Kate Plum is a visual artist based in Tralee, co.Kerry. She studied graphic design, advertising and fine arts. Often experimenting with different media, Kate mainly works with acrylics and watercolours. Endlessly inspired by nature, Kate’s work became particularly pertinent at a time when the world is becoming increasingly conscious of biodiversity loss and the extinction of species. She says: “With my art I would like to reintroduce people to the nature and showcase its beauty and uniqueness.”.

But beside appreciation of their natural beauty and grace, Kate’s paintings also use birds’ symbolical meanings to represent abilities and attributes of human’s mind. Heron - which happened to be a main subject of her recent works - exudes a graceful energy of serenity, profound state of self awareness and confidence, autonomy, persistent, wisdom and knowledge. So peaceful and patient in self awareness learning process or flying in the sky or waiting in the meadow for their prey, stately, patiently, full of confidence that one should never give up and carry on, waiting for their chance, their moment when everything connects together. Kate says “Looking at the artworks would give one hope that even after the hardest times one can find anew true meaning in life, new will for living, new beginning. Starting over and over, tripping and struggling but never losing hope, never giving up. Let’s the hidden meaning of this artworks gives one new perspective, new energy, new hope and new vision of what could be possible.”

Kate showcased her artworks in many national and international venues eg. Royal Ulster Academy of Arts in Belfast, Dublin Painting and Sketching Society, Gallery 31 Doncaster, Signal Gallery Bray, 44 The Quay Gallery Waterford and Siamsa Tire Tralee. At this moment she is represented by “The Doorway Gallery” in Dublin, IE.